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Meet Thumbstacks, a new web presentation software

Last week I started to search a web presentation software and what I found surprised me a lot.
You can do now a presentation without having anything installed on your computer, just like the very known application, Powerpoint, but this time online.
This is what Thumbstacks does.

Thumbstacks, a new web presentation software

I'm used to work mostly on Keynote and when i first had a look on Thumbstacks, I had the same feeling of easy-work, simple interface, short paths to almost every command.

It costs you nothing, it's a free presentation software that you can use online.

The first thing you have to do is to sign up and than start to work, so when you finish you'll be able to save it. The Presentation Builder doesn't work on Safari, but it does on Firefox and IE.

Once you are in you will see on the left side all your slides and on the right side the workspace where you are going to edit slide by slide. It's great to have all the time the slides on the left. Having this overview will help you on the current one that you are editing. This way you will be able to compare and make information flow.

On the right side you are able to drag and drop images in a very easy way.
The right click is very important on this web presentation software, because some commands cannot be performed without it.

Right clicking on the workspace will allow you to add images or text to your slide. Right clicking on the slides bar will make you able to select a theme to your presentation, add or remove slides.

Thumbstacks simple interface

The background and theme options are impressing.

If you don't want to use one of the Thumbstacks themes, you are able to add a background image to any slide in a very simple way ( you will find "Edit Slide Background" on the slides bottom).

I found it quite original for a web presentation software, the idea of having some important commands on the right clicking and not certain buttons for each one, because once you get used to the program, it will help you more to just push a finger on the mousse, and not look for the button that you want to click it.

Another thing that makes this program different than an ordinary presentation software is the interface, not cluttered, not 100 buttons that you can hardly see and understand their role. On the left bar you can also change the order of the slides in a very simple way, by dragging and drop them up or down, like on Keynote.

A lot of functions are possible on this web presentation software by right clicking or dragging.

For example on the workspace you can select different objects by clicking and dragging on the slide background and creating a box fully around these objects.

Right click on the object, select "Object Properties" and you will have more actions for your objects. Double clicking on a text you will be able to edit it.

As you've done your work, you will click on the save icon, give a name and whenever you decide to edit or view it, you will find it in "My presentations".
Anyway Thumbstacks is automatically saving your progress as you work on your presentation.

It does more than a business presentation software because you can share it with everybody by sending them a link. It's a nice feeling knowing that you have there on the web your own place where you can work.

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