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Get some sales presentation tips

If your job is about selling different products or services to other companies than for sure you have to know some sales presentation tips to help you out.

Sales man

Think about that people who are trying to sell you a new product while you are shopping in the supermarket. What would you like to hear from them that doesn't bother you and in the same time captures your attention?

Take two minutes and think of some important aspects that you have to consider. After this, note them in you mind as the gold rules for effective sales presentations.

First of all you have to know exactly what you are going to present, getting from Point A to Point B, telling them from the beginning what's your Point B and how you are going to rich it. This is how they will know what to expect from you.

Make sure they are your target of what you are going to present, otherwise they will stop listening to you from the first ideas. If somebody want's to present me a half an hour a new kind of aluminum rims for sure I will not be interested, so it's a waste of time for both of us.

Make an effort and get to know more about your audience, before starting your presentation. It will be easier for you to make the connections between you and them because they will find the reason you are in front of them.

Here are some sales presentation tips as powerful phrases to use during the presentation:

You present your products/services to your target.

"Why am I telling you this?" and
"What does this mean to you?" - explain them the implications of what you are offering.

"This is important to you because..." - place in the light the advantages of what you are selling.

"You should care, because..." - make them believe that they need your product.

Also make it easy for your audience to understand and to follow you, don't make them think of what you were trying to say. If you are using technical details they may not get your point and feel confused.
That's wrong! Remember that you are there to make an effective business presentation, not to demonstrate how many technical terms you know.

One of the sales presentation tips that most of us miss is the next one. You've worked on your slides and you know all of them with their connections. But the audience doesn't. You are the only one with a panoramic view of the presentation.

Imagine your slides like the chess pieces.

Imagine your slides like the chess pieces.

You can see the hole chessboard and know all the moves that you are going to do.
But the audience can see only one piece at the time.

When you will move on to the next piece, if you are not explaining how it relates to the previous piece, they will be forced to make a connection and find an explanation of this move on their own.

Finding a flow structure to organize your ideas is an important business presentation skill.

Organize your ideas:

  • along a timeline;
  • according to the geographic or physical location;
  • around the products or service features that you are selling and the benefits they bring;
  • around a list of avails that illustrate the difference between your products/ services and the other ones;
  • by asking and answering of questions that are leading in the audience's mind;
  • After you've done your brainstorming and you've set up all the ideas, read in front of a mirror to practice your speech. Do this as many times as you need, until you get familiar with the tone of your voice and the eye contact. After that, dress up in a suit that makes you feel comfortable and in the same time look trustable.

    If you pay attention on these sales presentation tips there's no need to worry anymore.

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