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Presentation topics all around us !

I decided to have an exclamation point in my headline for bringing more attention to the "presentation topics" and also because I think that you already know what you are going to present.

If you don't, than pick a subject that you are good at. For example, something that you are passionate about, it's part of your work or you realize that it's in demand nowadays.

Most of us have a job: economist, lawyer, doctor, teacher, scientist, writer, chemist, real estate agent, manager, engineer, and so on. What all these jobs should include is "how to make a presentation". Maybe you think "why a scientist, or a doctor need to know how to present something? there are people who does only this." Yes there are, but they will not grab your hand and present your work, they'll teach you how to do it.

For example, a good friend of mine is a dentist. Last month I met him for a coffee, and he was so stressed up because he found out that he has to make a presentation about a new medical equipment in less than 1 week.

First he read everything about that subject, and than he tried to make information flow, based on simple slides, no bullet-points, and lots of images full of meaning. I've been there to see him and he was not bad at all for a doctor who learned 12 years of his life mostly about teeth. The presentation was good most of all because it was one of the presentation topics convenient for him.

There are plenty of examples of people who are not CEO's and had nice presentations. There is a common goal in all the business presentations: the fantastic art of persuasion, an art with a lot of applications for which everyone must be prepared, no matter of the presentation topics.

We are talking about getting that "Aha!" from the audience, the lighting bulb that appears over the heads, when you've made yourself clear and you've finally passed the information to them.

It's a release for everybody, an irreplaceable feeling of satisfaction for you, because they approve what you say, and for them, because they understand what your point is. Once you've been here, for sure you'll be followed after, it's like a game with different levels that you have to pass, otherwise you fall. So if you are not ready to deal with this, improve more your business presentation skill.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Think of a sales person. His presentation topics are not so varied. On the other side it's not just the first impression that matters, also the time he takes to convince the other person that she needs what he's selling, and also that is the best from all. For sure I'm convinced that I need shampoo to wash my hair, but why should I buy it from you?

You have to make your idea survive. I'll tell you a story to understand me better.

In the 1980s, 2 medical researchers, Barry Marshall and Robin Warren, from Australia made an amazing discovery: Ulcers are caused by bacteria. The significance of this discovery was colossal. If ulcers were caused by bacteria, this means they could be cured by a simple treatment of antibiotics.

Well, that's more than great! Only that the medical world did not enchant. Why? Because nobody believed them.

The medical community expected research universities or world-class medical centers to come with this kind of discoveries, and not a staff pathologist and a 30 year old internist in training, who's not even a doctor yet. Everybody laughed of them when they presented this idea at a professional conference.

By 1984, Marshall did more than this: he drank a glass filled with this bacteria. In 2 days he was in pain, exactly like an ulcer suffering. Marshall then cured himself with a course of antibiotics. In a few days, everything was back to normal. Only just in the fall of 2005, these great men received the Nobel Prize in medicine for all the years of work.

So, the question is, do you have to literally sacrifice yourself, to make people believe you ?

Maybe not... Maybe to make an effective business presentation you just have to grab your audience at the beginning, navigate their minds through all the parts of your story, and then deposit them at the call to action.
You can use from presentation binders to the most professional presentation projectors, but if you are not able to tell an effective story, you'll not get the confidence of others.

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