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What kind of presentation tools do you need for The Big Day ?

Nowadays presentation tools are not hard to rich.We live in a hi-tech era, where everything is possible, so you can work with tools that 10 years ago we didnít even hear about.

I met last weekend some friends, we cooked great shrimps and have a long talk about what's next week coming with. One of them is a CEO of a company we have here. He was explaining us how unpleasant is to know that you have a presentation coming next week, and it's not only that you have to prepare it, but also to find all the tools that you need, in the right order, on the right time.

I still don't think is such a bother, since you don't start the day before to do something about it. There are some presentation tools that we all need, no matter how important the company or the audience is, and some more, so called "professional presentation tools", that you may not get to use your entire life.

So take it step by step...
Starting with the first ideas you have in your mind (considering that you already know everything about the theme you are preparing).

Simple presentation tools for sketching out your ideas.

Talking about brainstorming ideas.... many years ago i felt in love with computers, and all the things based on it, but when I'm trying to enable my ideas, i still do it on paper. Why ? Because it works better.

So my friend, your first tools will be a paper and a pen.

Get your ideas together, see the big picture, and then spend as much time as you want in front of your computer, on PowerPoint or Keynote.

You'll feel free to sketch whatever you want on paper, and build the right order to make your ideas flow.

Since your presentation is done, you can

start to think what kind of tools you need on The Big Day.

There are some aspects that you have to think about: how does it look the board room presentation, where are you gonna stay, where's the poster board placed, your audience and so on.

We are talking about presentation projectors, presentation marker boards, presentation remotes, presentation pointers and presentation mouse.

Use these simple tools to assemble an outline and structure.

And also be careful if you are gonna use custom presentation binders, to be according with your theme.

If you have a small audience and plenty of materials to discuss, a handout of the materials with a give-and-take discussion is perfect. Sometimes a whiteboard or a paper with detailed terms make for better support. Just analyze your situation to know if you need conference presentation equipment or less than this.

Don't complicate something that can be simple, remember that you are not there to show your technical knowledge.

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