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Get some presentation tips to help you see the simplicity that exists in a complex problem

From your first steps until you graduate you learn a lot of things. This is how you discover what you like, what you don't like, and get an idea about your "calling". What you don't get to hear are some helpful presentation tips.

I've been to a couple of conference presentations in my life, and I met people who are working on this field. This made me have a closer look, and start to analyze why everybody after a presentation is so puzzled, or even more than this, doesn't have a clue about what was all about.

In my opinion, to present something means TO SHOW, in a very simple way, so I can understand what your point is, TO EXPLAIN me, your audience, what you know and I don't, and why not, TO CONVINCE me that you are right, and anybody who thinks the opposite is wrong. So after you finish, I go home with something more than I came with, without any headache, or feeling sleepy.

That's why I have a lot of doubts about the presentation nowadays. As far as I know nobody can read and listen to someone talk at the same time. Are we using the slides as a kind of document printed in PowerPoint ? If so, I feel really sorry for the author and the reader because PowerPoint is not a tool for document creation. Boxes of bullet points and logos may be good for a handout or report, but not for a good presentation. Images are the simplest and signifiant way for humans to communicate. Images make your slides more memorable.

To make myself clear..

Bellow we have a traditional slide which replicates the presenter’s words.

A traditional slide that replicates the presenter's words.

Next slide serves to magnify the presenter’s spoken words much better, because the photo has meaning and the point is made beyond any doubt.

The purpose of the slide was to support visually the statement that “the teen birth rate in United States rose in 2006 for the first time since 1991”.

I am not saying you should be a presentation skills master, but preparing a presentation one hour before, with some free presentation templates, that your colleague used last week, it's wrong. It would be better to stop rushing and spend some time on a presentation skills workshop, or reading a book.

I'm talking forward about presentation techniques that help you do your job in a pleasant way. It's time to hear some presentation tips, so you can create the slides of your story that go well:

  • brainstorming ideas;
  • audience response;

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