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Choose the right presentation software for your work

It's very important what presentation software you are going to use because it's the way you are expressing all the days of research and brainstorming.

It depends on what you are going to present, what your domain is and who's your audience, so you can look for a business presentation software, according to your theme.

Here are some presentation softwares you can work with

The most popular presentation program is Microsoft PowerPoint, even though there are qualified alternatives like Apple's Keynote and OpenOffice.org Impress. If you ask me, I say loud and clear "Keynote", it's easy to work with, nice templates, polished fonts, all sharp and classy.

Usually the presentation has a tree-like structure and these programs allows you also to print the content and give the participants a "handout" paper.Any free presentation software has included pre-designed images, called "clip arts", and have the possibility to import graphics. You may wanna adjust the graphics you are going to use, with a digital image editing software like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

Here are some presentation softwares you can work with

Plugins for a presentation software can be used to improve their potentiality. Let's say you would like to export a PowerPoint presentation as a PDF document or as a Flash animation, because this is making the delivery through CDs or Internet much easier. PDF files are made to be shared despite of platform and almost all the browsers have the plugin to read Flash files. So these formats will make presentations be widely accessible, another reason for you to smile.

Talking about video presentation software, many programs include presentation functions for displaying them in a slideshow format. Or, you can also use a presentation software that provides an integrated element designed to engage the audience. I love presentations made with screen recorders , because you are able to see every step, understand what's all about. A nice example is the elearning software.

It never been so simple to create something efficient and original in the same time.

Apple Keynote represents, as I said above, the most classy, easy to use program with advanced support for multimedia, sightly templates, scalable graphics, polished fonts. Also allows you to import and export all the file formats that you want.

Corel Presentations is part of the three main applications included in the standard WordPerfect Office suite. It has nice templates, stylish backgrounds, sound within the slides, and also allows you to produce Flash files.

OpenOffice Impress is a very competent program. It has good compatibility with MS Office files.You can find it in two shapes: OpenOffice, the free version, and Sun StarOffice, which includes additional features and corporate support at a reasonable low price.

GoBe Productive is an integrated office software package by some of the same people who created Claris/AppleWorks package, available now also for Windows. GoBe Productive is a complex program that lets you do word processing, graphics, spreadsheets and presentations in a single document.

Try elearning software, if you have doubts about something, and you still wanna do it on your own.

Hope I didn't get you too dizzy with all these informations. Don't worry if you don't know something, you have plenty of possibilities to find out the solution and create something original, that speaks for you.

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