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Presentation skills training is a matter of days ?

Time is important especially when we are talking about learning something new, and so is for presentation skills training. I'm sure the first thing that you ask is "how much time does it take? "

It's amazing how in this century we never have enough time to do everything we scheduled. If you are now in Europe in 12 hours you can be in Japan. Time can change places, people, ideas and relationships.

And if you have some free time, chances are you want to spend it watching tv or downtown with some friends, and not learning something new.

Talking about training, I realized that most of us need a trainer not for showing how is right to do something, but for pushing us to do it, because we are too lazy. So if your gym trainer is running after you, to work more for your hips, in our case you get the opposite role, running after the presentation trainer, to help you work for the Big Day.

It's important what books you read for your presentation skills training. But instead of being anxious and begging someone for help, why don't you try to help yourself a little bit ?

Take one day, or as much as you need of your important time, and search for some materials,books, web sites, brochures, bestsellers, everything that fits your issue.

Or if you are too lazy, just google "presentation training" and you'll find a lot of people who maybe one day had the same problem like you, and now, because they learned enough about it, they share it with you (me, for example:) ).

It has been certified that when you have a problem, the first thing that you are thinking about is not how to solve it, but if there are more people with the same problem like you.
So you'll feel better from the first moment spent in front of a forum, where people share ideas and advices about a thing that you just get to learn. The information is so varied, from PowerPoint training to business presentation training.

It's important to have a reading time for your presentation skills training.

I did more than this, I gathered on my desk all the materials I found, from 30 pages brochures to international bestsellers, and of course, my computer with all the added bookmarks about presentation skills training. Once you make the first step in this direction, you start see everything around you a little bit different.

For example, yesterday I went to a big supermarket to buy some food for the weekend, and I stopped 2 minutes in front of an LCD, to watch a short presentation about a new product. Usually I can't take my eyes from the shelfs full of good stuff and it's the first time when I see that LCD. I watched the presentation 3 times and after I felt like I wanna adjust some things that really didn't fit there.

It's a strange feeling and in the same time you feel good because you are able now to see more than others, understand or correct things that are wrong. And it's not me that said "is wrong", there are people like Guy Kawasaki, Garr Reynolds, Jerry Weissman and many others who teach you the right way.

Garr Reynolds, the creator of the most popular web site on presentation design - presentationzen.com - shares his experience in a way that captures your attention hours and hours and change the way you think a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation should look like. The Presentation Zen book combines strong principles of design with the Zen culture, encouraging you to be more creative about the presentations.

Also try to get "Presenting to win", a book that opened my eyes about delivering effective presentations. Jerry Weissman speaks in a very clear and concise way about presentations, reminding all the mistakes that most of us do. I found here tips and techniques useful for me to understand how should I prepare myself, but most of all how should I tell my story.

Look for the best web sites for your presentation skills training. If you need more than reading books, you find on the net presentation classes, a leadership trainer to improve your performance at work, advanced presentation skills seminars, where you can book different kinds of courses, according to what you exactly need: develop and refresh current skills or move to a higher level of presenting.

So, if you don't lose the ambition, it really is a matter of days to understand a little bit about what presentations are.

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