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An important book for your presentation skill training

Presenting to Win is a book that you must add to your presentation skill training.

Presenting to Win is another book that you can add to your presentation skill training.

Because it's one of the first books I had on my hands when I decided to learn more about presentations, I strongly recommend it to all the presenters, especially to "the beginners".

When I started to look for some books about presentations, I found this International Bestseller with great reviews on the internet.

Lucky me.. because for someone who just started the presentation skill training, this book is a real help. I booked it from Amazon.com with another 2 books from this field: Presentation zen, by Garr Reynolds and Beyond Bullet Points, by Cliff Atkinson.I've considered the whole book a presentation skill seminar that I have to take in and understand fully.

Jerry Weissman is the world's number one corporate presentations coach. His private client list reads like a who’s who of the world’s best companies, including the top brass at Yahoo!, Intel, Intuit, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Dolby Labs and many others.

J. Weissman founded Power Presentations, Ltd. in 1988. One of his earliest efforts was the Cisco Systems IPO roadshow. Following its successful launch, Don Valentine, of Sequoia Capital, and then chairman of Cisco’s Board of Directors, attributed “at least two to three dollars” of the offering price to Mr. Weissman’s coaching. That endorsement led to nearly 500 other IPO roadshow presentations that have raised hundreds of billions of dollars in the stock market. Mr. Weissman’s focus widened from coaching IPOs to include public and privately held companies. His techniques have helped another 500 firms develop and deliver their mission-critical business presentations.

The book is more detailed than a regular presentation skill training, having 14 chapters full of theory, methods and examples from the real life. I really enjoyed the introduction where Mr. Weissman gives us a new approach to presentations and grabs the reader's attention for the next 14 chapters.

The first 5 chapters speak a lot about the audience that you are going to have at your presentation and how to establish a connection with them. You will find out here what they expect from you and a lot of tips and tricks for brainstorming, finding your flow and capturing your audience immediately.

The next 4 chapters teach you how to use graphics, text, numbers and charts, referring to each of them as speaker support.

From the last 5 chapters you will find out how to customize your presentation so that for your audience, it will send that you have prepared this presentation especially for them.

Instead of paying home study classes or a presentation skills workshop you can read this book and learn more than theory. The examples given here will open your eyes and make you understand perfectly what is right and what is wrong.

So... good luck on your presentation skill training !

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