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Find the right presentation projectors

Presentation projectors are one of the tools that you need when you've finished your slides and have to prepare the delivery part. The choice that you make it's important, because it's the way you show all the days of work.

It's wonderful to have a great slideshow but if you don't pay attention to the projector resolution or the room brightness, your audience will not be able to watch it.

So I'm going to tape down some ideas about how projectors work, it's the best way to understand why you need a certain projector and not the same that your friend had last month. Then we'll notify some major issues that you have to consider in order of selecting the right presentation projectors. After you've decided about one, you'll find out some places where you can choose the one that you need.

The technology is increasing, so the things in this field are changing faster and faster. In spite of this, there are two major types of projectors: LCD - the older technology but still in use, and DLP - the new one.

(Liquid Crystal Display) technology places an image on a screen in a pretty simple way:
a bulb is shining a powerful light through a prism that splits the light into colors which are sent through small LCD screens. These themselves are sent signals to allow the light through at specific pixel locations. Then the light is radiated through a lens onto the screen.

(Digital Light Processing) technology is a little bit more complex.
This time the light is beamed through a color wheel onto a thousands of minuscule mirrors chip. The electronic impulses are turning off or on the mirrors. So the image appears still, but in fact tiny parts of it are glimmering.

It helps to know the difference among these two types of projectors, as LCD is relevant for high-contrast images, so for presentations, and DLP is considered better for video.

For the business people the presentation projectors weight is an important fact. It has to be a light-baggage so you can take it everywhere you need. Be sure the source device has the suitable connections . In case you are planning to use ceiling projector mounts, be sure the hardware is available and the projector works with a remote. Take some extra projector bulbs with you, just in case.

There are some major issues that you have to consider in order of selecting the right presentation projectors.

What resolution projector is right for you?

Projector resolution

  • SVGA Projectors (800*600)
  • XGA Projectors (1024*768)
  • Higher than XGA resolution Projectors
  • What resolution projector is right for you?

    I imagine that you have a desktop that is at least XGA resolution. Well, XGA resolution is where you should be thinking, if your budget allows you.

    On the other hand, almost 40% of projectors sold are still SVGA. These ones are performing well if you are doing large type presentations, like PowerPoint presentations. But if we are talking about projecting charts and graphs or Word files, you'll have problems, because SVGA projectors make small type difficult to read. The XGA projectors are giving a better quality image, despite of your desktop (laptop) resolution.

    The projector brightness depends of the projector screen material, lightning and size.

    Projector Brightness

    In case of a PowerPoint presentation, projector brightness will not give you such a headache, because it depends of the projector screen material, lightning, and projector screens size. You can find a chart of lumen recommendations that will guide you.

    Projector Warranty - refurbished or new?

    In case of presentation projectors warranties vary from brand to brand, like in many other cases. But if you are out of warranty, to repair a projector might cost you pretty much. You may wanna buy a new one. If you are thinking at refurbished projectors for sure will cost you less, but pay attention to the warranty. You don't wanna spend money on something useless, especially when you need it most. Or if you need to use it only once, try projector rental. It's the easiest way to skip this chapter.

    Projector Price

    I will just give you some general informations to get an idea about the money you have to prepare.
  • a low resolution (SVGA) projector stats from $900
  • a new XGA resolution projector, if you are lucky you can find from under $1500 (otherwise starts from $1700)
  • higher than XGA resolution are very expensive: SXGA, SXGA+ are starting from $8000, but most brands are over $10 000
  • So if you are trying to find cheap projectors, it's maybe better choice a refurbished one. Great sites about presentation projectors.

    There are some good places to start searching for presentation projectors, like projector people, or Amazon

    You can find good prices, relevant details and pertinent reviews.

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