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A vast selection of presentation marker boards

Choosing one of the presentation marker boards you find on the internet is pretty complicated. You'll find different kinds of presentation accessories, so the only thing you have to know is what exactly you need.

Dry erase boards

There are three major types of white boards: the melamine resin ones, the polyester coated steel models and the enameled steel boards.
The steel ones are magnetic so you can also use magnetic eraser or small magnets to fix notes on the board.

The enameled steel boards are much more abiding than the other two types.
So if you choose to buy the first one, it will remain white forever, it's the best choice you can make.

The first advantage of using presentation marker boards is the ink marking that can't be removed accidentally, like chalk does.
Also by using dry erase boards you are avoiding the dust that's coming from erasing chalk. The magnetic eraser is the perfect tool for cleaning up the board, without getting wet your hands.You can also take it with you and place it whatever you want.

Another advantage is that you can use it for a projector as the projecting medium.

This allows you to add or comment something on the board during the presentation through the projected image.There are also presentation marker boards with a special design that eliminates glare, so you can have a clear view from all angles.

The magnetic boards can be used for presentations or display in home or business offices and even classrooms.

There are also white boards for modular monthly planning that has large daily cells adjustable to your needs.

I also use magnetic calendars and note pads. There are perfect in meeting presentations, but also home, for leaving messages.
It happen to me often to leave a message on a post-it and to find it on the floor, because sometimes that glue doesn't last too long. For sure your message will be received if you write it on a magnetic note pad.

Or if you need for a presentation more usable writing surface you can find marker boards composed of two gliding magnetic boards and a fixed one.

There are lots of places to start searching for these presentation marker boards, like dryeraseboard.com or Amazon.com.

You can find a vast selection of presentation accessories, from porcelain marker boards to different colors board markers and also customer reviews that will help you make the right decision.

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