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The powerpoint graphics

Well-design powerpoint graphics will help you organize connections between ideas.

Once your text is clear that everybody can understand what your point is, it's time to pay more attention to the graphics, no matter what kind of business, educational or interactive powerpoint presentations you are going to make.

An important thing that most of us don't realize is to make your presentation flow. This means words, graphics, charts, icons working together. No step back, no overcoming-fear-of-speaking, no missing words. Slide after slide, you capture the audience's attention more and more.

As the film directors use storyboards to plan their productions, you can also use storyboards to look briefly at the slides and get another perspective. It's a pity to work a lot on details without noticing the panoramic view of your presentation.

This thing is provided by Slide Sorter view if you work in MS PowerPoint, or by Light Table view if you work in Keynote.

What presentations guru Jerry Weissman says is that the ultimate technique for checking your flow is to read only the titles of your slides. If you can turn up the logic of the whole presentation by just reading these few words, it means you've made your point clear and it will be easy for you to deliver and for the audience to follow.

Using powerpoint graphics you have to pass on the information easier, not to show a screen full of clutter.

The simplest technique that you can use to express the flow of your presentation is to divide the content into parts. You can do this by separating each part from the next part by a page containing only the title. This way the audience will know when you are starting another idea.

Think of this technique as the moment when the curtain drops after a scene at the theater. Instead of a title you can also use an image relevant to the idea, a logo or an icon that expresses the content of the next part. If you choose to have a title, than use the same fonts for all the powerpoint graphics otherwise it will denote clutter.

I've seen before a lot of examples of powerpoint presentations that look the same to me. Even if you are busy and it's much easier to take someone's else presentation and change only the text and some powerpoint graphics, it's a bad idea because that person might made mistakes. And even if his/her presentation was fantastic, it's 99% not according to your theme.

No two presentations should look alike, so forget about replacing your work with someone's else work.

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