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Be a motivational public speaker !

Why be a mediocre public speaker, when you can learn how to be motivational public speaker ?

Every time I started to learn something new, I realized that I can go further than just knowing something about that thing, in case of needing. So if you feel insecure for speaking in public and you want to find a way to master this, it's better to Think Big, only some public speaking exercises are not enough.
You'd rather see yourself making people inspired of what you say, than just listening what you are saying, wouldn't you?

By speech we understand the regular speaking made to transmit information to a group of people who need that information. But a motivational public speaking is more than that because it means more than just giving information.

The motivational public speaker is inspiring his audience to do something about the objective in sight (help their coworkers, gain more clients, eat healthy, loose weight, etc). His goal is not to start the speech from Point A, getting you to Point B. He has to make the audience really excited about the subject.

The call to action point.

In this case Point B is not just the place where he ends up his speech by telling people his solution to the problem.

Point B is the place where the audience feels ready to do something about it, the Call to Action.

Motivational speakers have the intention for their audience to change something in a way or another, to show them "the light". Not everybody can do this, mostly because of the vocabulary, it's an entire art of choosing the right words.

A good speech includes a public speaking outline for organizing the information. They pay a lot of attention to the words they use, to transmit the message in short sentences full of meaning. That's the reason they have a bigger responsibility than the other public speakers.

In the same time knowing your audience before starting your speech is an important fact for a motivational public speaker. They find out as much as they can about the people in front of them and the connections between them and the objective in sight.

What kind of problems they face, what are they interested in, the tendencies they hold or the goals they have: these are parts of what a motivational speaking really is, different than the definition of public speaking.

First of all a motivational speaker has to be trustable: to be well prepared and his presentation to be based on evidence. There are some ethics in public speaking he has to follow, to maintain and enhance credibility.

So if you dream about becoming a good motivational public speaker take action and start studying, it's never too late.

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