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Get some brainstorming ideas !

There are some brainstorming ideas that most of us are not considering when it's time to prepare a presentation.

The very first examples is that they start the brainstorming by writing down irrelevant questions for the "introduction" part.
"What am I going to ware?", "What colors should I use for my binders?" are problems you don't discuss here.

The only thing that you know by now about your presentation is the Point B. The place where you want to bring your audience, The Thing they have to understand and agree, the reason you go there. This means you will start with it. You already know everything about it, so it's time to find a way to make information flow.That's why the next thing to consider is your Audience.

Find out as much as you can about your audience.

  • Who are they ?
  • How much do they know about it ?
  • Why are they interested in your presentation ?
  • These are the questions that you have to answer for building a connection between you and them.

    There are also some external factors that you have to consider before starting to organize your brainstorming ideas.

  • Are you there the only presenter ? If not, when is your turn among the other presenters?
  • How much time are you alloted ?
  • Where does it take place, and how is the room arranged?
  • All these external factors are important for your presentation, because in that day nothing has to surprise you, you are in control.

    As long as you have an answer for the questions above, you can start to work your creative presentation ideas. Organize the brainstorming session by using presentation marker boards and some different color markers, or small pieces of paper and lots of push pins to embed them on a frame.

    Call everybody who's involved in this presentation, for sure they will have relevant information for your subject. In case of meeting presentations, or team building presentations when you just have to gather them and explain what's the next project about, how to work together, you can do the brainstorming by yourself.

    Start the brainstorming ideas from Point B, and write everything comes in your mind and all the presentation ideas they give you on the board. That's where you should place your brainstorming ideas.

    Try to anticipate their importance and place some levels among your ideas, each level with another color.
    This way you'll give shape to a framework form. Imagine a tree with branches (important ideas) and each branch with its leafs.

    The good part of writing on the board is that if you realize after 20 minutes that an idea is not placed in the right part, you can erase and put it somewhere else.
    Don't feel bad to write some things that you don't consider to be relevant; nothing written there is the final idea that will appear on one of your slides.

    Once you'll have the board full of brainstorming ideas, you'll see all the connections between them. Then you will be able to judge what's relevant and what is not such an important fact and place an order to make things flow.
    This way you are planning an effective business presentation that you can't fail.

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